Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Japanese Immersion Week

An entire week of nothing but Japanese!
We're talking language and culture.
We began this week by taking a trip to Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A.

We did our grocery shopping for the week and ate our first Japanese meal:
Katsu Kare (Curry).
It was a hit.

The kids also got to pick up some souvenirs from the various shops that make up Little Tokyo.

Each day we had a theme.
Monday: Shopping
Tuesday: Around the house
Wednesday: School
Thursday: Games
Friday: Review

The Dragoo home was the perfect location as it offered plenty of room for our many adventures.
Indoor and out.

Keiko bottom left

Each day included making a new Japanese dish for lunch, and a craft which the students got to take home.
Keiko did a great job preparing the food, especially with the chahan and gyoza!

For anyone interested this is definitely something we will repeat in the future!

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