Friday, September 18, 2009

The Art of Taking It

Rolls and break falls are just as important in Jujutsu as locks and throws.
Ukemi waza, or the art of taking it, is our way of adapting our bodies to the opponents technique.

Here are three tips to improving your ukemi.

Don't anticipate, but rather go with the flow.

Relax your body as you tense it.
This is a paradox, but the real secret is to stay relaxed to mold your body, while tensing key areas
to protect your body. 

Minimize impact by projecting your energy outward staying tight like a ball and easing into it as much as possible.

And just like everything else, keep at it till you get it right.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kokodo Shiatsu

The Shindenkan Dojo is now offering shiatsu on Monday's at 5pm. 
Sign up for your free session!

 Along with proper rest and a healthy diet, shiatsu will promote energy renewal and aid to maintain your health.

Sue was feeling extra spunky after her shiatsu session
which turned out to be bad news for Morgan Sensei.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Japanese Immersion Week

An entire week of nothing but Japanese!
We're talking language and culture.
We began this week by taking a trip to Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A.

We did our grocery shopping for the week and ate our first Japanese meal:
Katsu Kare (Curry).
It was a hit.

The kids also got to pick up some souvenirs from the various shops that make up Little Tokyo.

Each day we had a theme.
Monday: Shopping
Tuesday: Around the house
Wednesday: School
Thursday: Games
Friday: Review

The Dragoo home was the perfect location as it offered plenty of room for our many adventures.
Indoor and out.

Keiko bottom left

Each day included making a new Japanese dish for lunch, and a craft which the students got to take home.
Keiko did a great job preparing the food, especially with the chahan and gyoza!

For anyone interested this is definitely something we will repeat in the future!

Tanren Camp

The Tanren Camp was a week long program focused on introducing the students to a variety of traditional Japanese Arts like: 

Kobudo (traditional weapons)



and even Shodo (calligraphy).

At the end of the week, we had a competition where the kids squared off and had fun competing in the various arts we introduced them to.

The week was such a blast we can't wait till next summer.

Belgium 2009

Belgium is centrally located in Europe which made it the perfect meeting ground for 150 Jujutsu practitioners from 15 different countries to get together and learn from one of the greatest Jujutsu masters on the planet; Soke Irie Yasuhiro.

Morris Sensei had the interesting opportunity to translate for Soke Irie even though the audience were all non native english speakers.

Belgium was a great experience and we look forward to hosting Soke Irie Yasuhiro in September where the Shindenkan students will get the rare opportunity to learn from a legend.