Monday, August 31, 2009

Japan November 2008

Last November Morris Sensei, Marty, Heather, Tim and Xander attended the 11th Annual Batto Taikai (Sword Event) in Yokohama, Japan.

The receptionist at the hotel was a bit old fashioned, but the accommodations were great.

Here is a shot of Morris Sensei in front of the Kokodo Honbu Dojo in Omiya just before meeting Irie Soke for the first time face to face.
Fortunately, the meeting went well and Irie Sensei accepted Tim and Xander as pupils during their stay which lasted six months.

Their room while staying in Japan wasn't so "roomy" after all.
Here you see them touching wall to wall in their six by ten room.

Satoh Seiji Sensei teaching kumitachi Marty and Morris Sensei.

Morris Sensei with Nakamura Kenzo, the leader of our sword style and nephew of the great Nakamura Taizaburo.

Here's a picture at the Taikai with all the gaijin (foreigners) and Satoh Seiji Sensei who dedicated three entire days to train us before the event.

After the Taikai we loaded onto a bus and traveled a few hours north to Aizu Wakamatsu where we stayed in a traditional hotel and onsen.

Nomura Sensei posing with us in front of a castle we visited in Aizu.