Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swords & Skateboards

This year I brought my little brother with me to Japan.
We only brought 2 things with us...
Swords & Skateboards

Here we are at the Nakamura Ryu Hombu getting some
sword training in after skateboarding.

This was a great spot in front of Kawaguchi's Itoyokado.

Here is a shot in front of some rundown house we rented.
Just kidding, this is Odawara Castle.

This was the best skatepark in Japan,
Miyashita Nike Skatepark in Shibuya

Irie Soke and Kiba watching Soke's wife try on a Kimono
so I can pick one out for my wife before next years Shihan Ceremony.

Chiyoko San was so sweet to look so hard for a good deal
for Naomi. We got an amazing deal thanks to her!

After kimono shopping it was up to the roof where the
raman shop was; where we all enjoyed REAL ramen.

Can you find Kiba in the busiest intersection on the planet?

Some footage from Kawaguchi Skatepark

I think this trip went to my brothers head...
My brother the Samurai!

This was a memorable trip and I cant wait till the next time
I head to Tokyo with my little brother carrying nothing, but
Swords & Skateboards

3rd Annual Kern River Budosai

Dodan cutting.

We would like to give a special thanks to Big Tony and
tameshigirimats.com for donating a bale of tatmami for the winner of this event.
(Especially since the winner came from our dojo!)

Our students did exceptionally well and we are proud of
the discipline, focus & etiquette that was displayed.

Matt enjoyed his first division win and Morris Sensei is holding
a Howard Clark L6 Tanto he received as the Yusho for the event.
Many thanks to Robin Ramirez for putting on another great Taikai!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 KoKoDo Jujutsu Seminar

This was our 3rd annual KoKoDo seminar with Irie Soke and
we had a blast this year as Soke taught detail after detail forcing
light bulbs to keep going off all day long!

There is no translation needed for most of what Soke does,
but it's fun to echo his teachings.

Seamark Shihan was in attendance this year again and was an
amazing example of how effective yet supple Jujutsu can be.

Soke had some new finishes this year which were painfully awesome.

The Dentokan was represented well by Robin Ramirez Shihan
who became a favorite of Irie Sensei's this trip. I am not sure
if that was a good thing for Robin, I know it wasn't for his wrists!

Who says getting choked can't be FUN!

We look forward to next years seminar on the beach as we host
the World KoKoDo Taikai September 20-22, 2012

Monday, September 5, 2011

More Dojo Photos

*Photographer: Jeremy Wright

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dojo Photo Shoot

The Dojo just underwent some construction
and got some new zebra tatami mats so we decided to
have a dojo photo shoot to show it off.

We live in the desert out here in the Antelope Valley
and are proud of our Joshua Trees!

This shot was taken not far from the Dojo
on the border between Palmdale & Lancaster, Ca.

Hardfist training at The Hidden Dojo

Our youngest son approves the new mats.
Come check us out!

*Thank you to our talented photographer: Jeremy Wright