Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 KoKoDo Taikai Newport Beach, CA

Cherry Blossoms, Shihans & Second Honeymoons

Naomi's first international flight.... my 19th.


Before the Shihan Ceremony Chiyoko San was nice enough to
teach my wife the ancient secret to using the restroom in a kimono:
stretchy underwear!

It only took these four women 45min to get my wife suited up.
I don't know why more women don't wear these on a daily basis?

Just before the Ceremony at ShimizuEn.

I snuck this video during the ceremony, so proud of my wife!

After it was all said and done and we got home and pulled out
what seemed like a million hair pins, this is what my wife's hair looked like!


Swords & Guns

 Welcome to the DC Taikai, please inspect your swords and guns here.

Samurai militia

That's a real RPG!

M16's on full auto are always fun.

We had a great turnout from the sword community and
a huge contingency of Sensei from our style flying out from Japan.

Visit from 2x World BJJ Champion Kazeka Muniz

Our dojo has a long history with Professor Muniz as he used to teach out of our Dojo
many years ago before BJJ as a martial art was known to the public.

Thank you Kazeka for putting on a great seminar and helping me raise some funds
to help get my wife to Japan for my KoKoDo Jujutsu Shihan Ceremony!