Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 KoKoDo Jujutsu Seminar

This was our 3rd annual KoKoDo seminar with Irie Soke and
we had a blast this year as Soke taught detail after detail forcing
light bulbs to keep going off all day long!

There is no translation needed for most of what Soke does,
but it's fun to echo his teachings.

Seamark Shihan was in attendance this year again and was an
amazing example of how effective yet supple Jujutsu can be.

Soke had some new finishes this year which were painfully awesome.

The Dentokan was represented well by Robin Ramirez Shihan
who became a favorite of Irie Sensei's this trip. I am not sure
if that was a good thing for Robin, I know it wasn't for his wrists!

Who says getting choked can't be FUN!

We look forward to next years seminar on the beach as we host
the World KoKoDo Taikai September 20-22, 2012