Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 KoKoDo Taikai Newport Beach, CA

Cherry Blossoms, Shihans & Second Honeymoons

Naomi's first international flight.... my 19th.


Before the Shihan Ceremony Chiyoko San was nice enough to
teach my wife the ancient secret to using the restroom in a kimono:
stretchy underwear!

It only took these four women 45min to get my wife suited up.
I don't know why more women don't wear these on a daily basis?

Just before the Ceremony at ShimizuEn.

I snuck this video during the ceremony, so proud of my wife!

After it was all said and done and we got home and pulled out
what seemed like a million hair pins, this is what my wife's hair looked like!


Swords & Guns

 Welcome to the DC Taikai, please inspect your swords and guns here.

Samurai militia

That's a real RPG!

M16's on full auto are always fun.

We had a great turnout from the sword community and
a huge contingency of Sensei from our style flying out from Japan.

Visit from 2x World BJJ Champion Kazeka Muniz

Our dojo has a long history with Professor Muniz as he used to teach out of our Dojo
many years ago before BJJ as a martial art was known to the public.

Thank you Kazeka for putting on a great seminar and helping me raise some funds
to help get my wife to Japan for my KoKoDo Jujutsu Shihan Ceremony!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swords & Skateboards

This year I brought my little brother with me to Japan.
We only brought 2 things with us...
Swords & Skateboards

Here we are at the Nakamura Ryu Hombu getting some
sword training in after skateboarding.

This was a great spot in front of Kawaguchi's Itoyokado.

Here is a shot in front of some rundown house we rented.
Just kidding, this is Odawara Castle.

This was the best skatepark in Japan,
Miyashita Nike Skatepark in Shibuya

Irie Soke and Kiba watching Soke's wife try on a Kimono
so I can pick one out for my wife before next years Shihan Ceremony.

Chiyoko San was so sweet to look so hard for a good deal
for Naomi. We got an amazing deal thanks to her!

After kimono shopping it was up to the roof where the
raman shop was; where we all enjoyed REAL ramen.

Can you find Kiba in the busiest intersection on the planet?

Some footage from Kawaguchi Skatepark

I think this trip went to my brothers head...
My brother the Samurai!

This was a memorable trip and I cant wait till the next time
I head to Tokyo with my little brother carrying nothing, but
Swords & Skateboards